From materials, plant sourcing, selection and delivery, we are personally involved in every step of your project. Always current with new materials and plants, we know how certain plants will complement your unique garden. We rely on collaboration with you to achieve the best results. We begin by assessing the unique nature of your site and understanding your goals.

step 1

We visit your site with you to hear your ideas and planned uses for your garden. Photographs you’ve collected from magazines and books showing garden elements you like are extremely helpful at this stage.

step 2

You receive a detailed written proposal tailored to your expressed desires and requirements for your garden.

step 3

We measure your site, take photographs and analyze your site’s constraints and strengths.

step 4

WLA creates a schematic plan. The schematic design includes several garden design solutions and perspective sketches or vignettes.

step 5

We reach the design development phase. The schematic is revised, and your suggestions and feedback are incorporated into a more detailed plan. Three-dimensional drawings are also available to help you visualize your project.

step 6

WLA prepares construction drawings, which may include grading, layout, paving, details and landscape lighting.

step 7

The planting plan is created based on your plant wishes, our advice on plantings that will do well and provide year-round color, and elements such as fountains and sculpture to personalize your garden.

step 8

This is the construction management phase of the project. WLA oversees bidding, scheduling and construction, with frequent on-site visits from Bill throughout the installation of your project.